standard-title FAQ


Why has Wampit been rest?

Because the data on the directory was outdated and a lot listings were considered to be fake or Spammy. As such we decided to start again and will begin adding business we believe are genuine by matching them with other data sources, these can then be claimed and hopefully we can maintain a healthier directory.

Can I claim an existing listing?

Yes you can, just submit a claim request and a moderator will approve or disapprove the request depending on your authenticity.

Why do I have to enter my mobile number to register?

We only want Australians registering and that’s why you will need to confirm your mobile number in order to register, however please be assured we do not share your details with any unrelated third parties.

Is Wampit free?

Yes, Wampit is completely free and shall remain so for the foreseeable future.

Why should I register my business?

Being listed across the web in many places and especially on a reputable business directory like Wampit gives your business increased trust. Also if you add your website address, we shall give you a DoFollow hyperlink which is considered a ranking factor in Google